Back and Neck Center

MedX is a series of bio-mechanically precise exercise machines specifically designed to target, isolate and strengthen spinal muscle groups, while also promoting and improving flexibility. It is unique, patented and a direct descendent of the most technologically advanced medical rehabilitation equipment in the world.

“In less than 30 minutes, twice a week, you may prevent or even eliminate back pain for the rest of your life with Prestige Fitness Club’s MedX Core Strength Program.”

This program utilizes MedX Spinal Fitness System equipment to help strengthen the lower back muscles like no other exercise, and the stronger your back.. the less pain you will have!

MedX Lumbar Strength

Only the MedX lumbar strength machine features a patented and effective pelvic restraint system that isolates the lumbar spine muscles, increases stability and allows for specific, intense strengthening in one of the bodies most vital and vulnerable areas.

MedX Ab Isolator

Strong abdominal muscles are vital to spinal support. The patented biomechanical design of the medX Ab Isolator provides the highest degree of isolation for abdominal muscles available. The result is superior abdominal strengthening, improved appearance and better spinal health.

MedX Torso Rotation

Revolutionary in its ability to truly isolate waistline muscles through padded restraint systems, the core torso rotation is the most effective design of it’s kind. Baseball players, golfers, and tennis players rely on the core torso rotation to dramatically increase their rotational strength and flexibility.

MedX 4-Way Neck

The patented core 4-way neck is a biomechanically precise 4-way neck machine that trains the flexion and extension muscles of the neck to allow for decompression of the upper spine and increase flexibility in all directions.